The Good Wardrobe in the Press

Ecouterre, 15th Feb, 2013

The launch of The Good Wardrobe and and Sew It Forward featured on Ecouterre (US):

The Good Wardrobe: An Online Community that "Sews It Forward"

"Living in a society pre-disposed to fast fashion and convenience, we need resources to help negotiate the oftentimes difficult road to sustainability. And while that path might have...

Lambeth Weekender, 8th Feb, 2013

The Good Wardrobe is featured in the shopping section of the Lambeth Weekender:

“If a dog is for life, then so are your clothes,” says Streatham-based Zoe Robinson, ethical journalist and founder of, an online directory of where to hire, share, swap or spruce up clothes..."


Strawberry Earth, 18th Jan, 2013

Coverage of our website and Sew It Forward on Strawberry Earth (the Netherlands):

Sew It Forward

"The Good Wardrobe chooses stitching over shopping by launching a new style-sharing platform. Here, you can share and learn about sewing, which is a great way to extend the life of your wardrobe, while having fun and saving money at the same time. You can...

Shareable, 16th Jan, 2013

Coverage of The Good Wardrobe on Shareable:

The Infectious Habit of Do It Yourself

 "If you need to fix or sew some clothing, yes, you can ring up Grandma (you probably should, anyhow, you know she'd like to hear from you). Another option is an online community like The Good Wardrobe where you can share tips and tricks, and find your way...

The Campaign for Wool, 11th Jan, 2013

Coverage of our website and our Sew It Forward launch by Campaign for Wool:

A Q&A with Zoe Robinson from The Good Wardrobe

"As part of our “Make Do and Mend” month, we sat down with Zoe from The Good Wardrobe to talk about sustainable fashion, restoring garments and passing these skills on to the next generation. Her site,...

Oxfam blog, 26th Dec, 2012

The Good Wardrobe featured on Oxfam 2013 trend towards a more sustainable future for fashion:

Sustainable Style in 2013

"The popularity of sewing, knitting and upcycling groups have been on the increase over the last few years. Perhaps it is the chance to create something useful combined with socialising with like minded people that is...

Eco Age, Dec 2012

Coverage of our Sew It Forward launch from Eco Age:

Sew It Forward

'In the run up to UK’s busiest shopping day, some of the capital’s top fashion designers taught an audience of clothes lovers the secrets of the simple needle and thread, at the launch of a new initiative to get London sewing...'

Do The Green Thing, Dec 2012

Coverage of our website and Sew It Forward launch from Do The Green Thing:

This Christmas, Sew It Forward

'We love anything with a focus on slow fashion, fixing what you got and sustainable style. And The Good Wardrobe has earned itself a special place in our Green Thing heart. We'll be keeping our eyes on this one.'

Peppermint Magazine, 18th Dec, 2012

Sew It Forward featured in Peppermint Magazine (Australia):

Sew It Forward

"Last month, a new needlework initiative was launched in the UK called Sew it Forward. The whole idea behind the initiative is to bring back needlework such as knitting and sewing, through a series of social events where you can get ‘hands on’ and learn how to sew, knit or embroider yourself!"

Streatham Guardian, 17th Dec, 2012

The Good Wardrobe and Sew It Forward featured in the Streatham Guardian:

Streatham style guru inspires slow fashion revolution

"Clothes lovers can now make their favourite outfits last longer thanks to the launch of the UK’s first online ‘slow fashion’ hub... Website...

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