The Good Wardrobe Manifesto

1. We love extending the life of our wardrobes - making our clothes look as good as possible for as long as possible.

2. We believe fashion should be as sustainable and ethical as possible whilst looking as good as possible.

3. We believe in sharing; in the power of community and collaboration. Know something useful? Pass it on – whether it’s a 'thank you' or just a warm tingly glow of goodness, you’re sure to get something back in return.

4. We believe in brilliant design and excellent quality – we love stylish attire (we do not love hemp sack dresses)

5. We believe it is the responsibility of both the retailer and the consumer to dispose of, pass-on or up-cycle clothes once they’re done with them.

6. We believe we deserve great service when parting with our hard-earned cash, so we make it our business to highlight the good, the bad and the pretty darn ugly service providers (and we want you to help us).

7. We know how super it feels to make and mend stuff and we want everyone out there to know it too. That’s why we show you where to go and even how to do it. If what you want isn’t on the site yet, just ask (read point 8.)

8. We want to celebrate UK and London industry – help us by telling us about the brands, designers and places you love. If you’re a brand, tell us your story – not just what you sell or produce, but how and why.

9. We will do everything in our power to support and help promote the brands, businesses and designers who also think that a stylish wardrobe should be a very ‘good wardrobe’.

10. We really like shopping second hand (in particular charity shops) – we might talk about this a lot.

11. The Good Wardrobe is not just about clothes - we also aim to promote healthy body image.

12. Did we tell you we like charity shops?  We think it’s great that shopping in them is like giving twice – helping others and recycling. That’s partly what this site is about – if you share ideas and help one another, our kind sponsors (coming soon) will donate money to our partner charities. We think that’s pretty great.

13. We only advertise or promote businesses that we use ourselves, would consider using or would recommend to our best friends - if they don’t fit our criteria or share our core values (however much money they are willing to pay us) we’re sorry but we’re not the right site for them.

14. Remember, if you’ve experienced great service; if it’s stylish and sustainable and if it can go in a wardrobe, then we want to know about it.

15. We love style and substance so brands we feature in editorial and the directory should meet at least one of the following conscious fashion criteria:

  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Fairtrade or Fair Trade
  • Upcycled or re-purposed garments
  • Second-hand garments e.g charity shop, vintage, clothes swap, market
  • Reduced environmental impact e.g recycled
  • Sustainable production e.g zero waste or closed-loop
  • Ethically made in UK
  • Social enterprise or community development
  • Service that prolongs the life of clothes e.g cobbler or tailor
  • Haberdashery
  • Sewing or knitting classes
  • Hire of clothing or sewing equipment
  • Eco friendly wardrobe care e.g laundry products or 'green' dry cleaning
  • Resource e.g sustainable publication, sewing blog or organisation


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