The Good Wardrobe goes live!

Well, after nearly two years of developing The Good Wardrobe, months of design and web build, launch day has finally arrived. Back in the Autumn of 2010 it was just a seed of an idea which grew, gathered speed, slowed-up on occasion, then eventually snow-balled unstoppably into what you see here. I thought many times about whether this was something I could do on my own, but ultimately I realised it was something that I couldn’t not do.

And I am not on my own anymore – last week I welcomed my wonderful intern Emily to The Good Wardrobe and she has already been hard at work. Emily brings with her a degree in fashion, buckets of enthusiasm, experience working with a leading sustainable fashion designer in Sydney, and perhaps most importantly, a passion for drinking tea. You will be hearing from Emily at some point very soon...

In the meantime we will continue to add to our shiny new site. It is in beta at the moment so there will be things we need to fix, improve and remove. We also have some new functions on their way to make using the site even better for you. Having just launched, our community is currently small but we like to think it is perfectly formed, and we are very excited to see how it blossoms.

We will be celebrating on Thursday by launching our Sew It Forward campaign which aims to encourage people to share their sewing skills. You can visit the site later in the week for updates and on Friday you can download the Sew It Forward gift voucher which we think is the perfect thrifty Christmas gift.

Thank you for visiting the website – we hope you like it and look forward to hearing what you think.


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Founder and Director of The Good Wardrobe. Lover of charity shops and mending stuff. New to Bristol. Follow on Twitter

On the other side of the Pond

Greetings and congratulations, really a great idea. I work with in the US, I think they'd be an awesome resource for you on several fronts. I definitely bookmarked you.

Jon D
Organic+Fair Trade+Fashion

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