The Flintoff Interviews: Who Made Your Clothes with Rubi

For the final instalment of the Who Made Your Clothes interviews that we filmed in support of Fashion Revolution Day at our last event, writer, coach and maker-mender John-Paul Flintoff speaks to South London resident Rubi. John-Paul is keen to know, from an experienced dressmaker like Rubi, how she thinks we can be more considerate of the people who make our clothes:

"We are trying to invite people to create some sort of connection with the original maker of their (usually) commercially bought clothes so that the horrible events where women die in Bangladesh don’t happen because those people are more in our heads. What would you suggest, for people who are not as talented as you at making their clothes, to have some sort of connection with the people who make their clothes?"

Watch the interview to find out what Rubi has to say, and to discover why she is so committed to making her own clothes, that she even makes her own swimming costumes and bras.

Thank you to John-Paul for his wonderful, warm interviews and to Rubi for sharing her story.

The first ever Fashion Revolution Day took place on the 24th April 2014, but there is much more to come. To learn more about Fashion Revolution visit:

You can watch the four other interviews we filmed at the links below:


Image credit: Rachel Manns

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