Hi there, I love your site!

Just looked at services offered etc and see it's restricted to London at present.

Is there any expansion in the pipe line? I live in East Sussex and as it's an online directory I'm hoping you will list services etc offered all over the country?

Many thanks for reading, considering and hopefully replying too! Keep up the good work!

Simple Modern Sewing, help with sizing up patterns

I am looking for help in using a wonderful book of basic wardrobe pieces, that are printed on sheets of paper included in the book. The size range is Japanese, meaning their xl is about a US 12. I wondered if you would know of anyone who has altered these patterns upward, or has produced single size patterns out of the difficult tangle of pattern sizes printed by the publisher. Any leads as to wear else I might ask about this? I am from NE US.
Many thanks. Your site is lovely!

Making of the Sew It Forward banner

Sew It Forward is an initiative that we launched recently to encourage people to share their sewing, mending and knitting skills with their friends, family, neighbours, or anyone else who is keen to learn or willing to listen. It is about grabbing these skills while we can, before they are lost forever, and passing them on.

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