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Mend of the Month: #SecondhandFirst Week

Whilst I may not be able to wear much of my wardrobe due to my ever-expanding bump, it's good to take advantage of the nesting instinct and to get mending. This week in particular is an excellent time to be focusing on repairs as the fashion reuse charity TRAID has declared 17th-23rd November Week.

Your Clothes Deserve a Second Chance: Refashion Day, 26 Nov

More and more people are becoming aware and concerned about the social and environmental consequences of ‘fast fashion’. Working conditions, pesticide use in cotton, and textiles ending up in landfill – they’re just some of the issues that give high street shoppers pangs of guilt when they buy new clothes.

'Make' of the Month: The Tie Project

Last month we launched ‘Make or Mend of the Month’, our brand new blog series which shares your projects with the aim of inspiring others. For our very first ‘Make’, we chose Anmarie Bowler’s ‘Tie Project’ - a simple, stylish idea that's easy to adapt depending on what you have in your wardrobe and sewing box. 

'Make' or 'Mend' of the Month: The Launch

This month we are launching the new blog series Make or Mend of the Month which aims to highlight some of the wonderful fashion making, mending and alteration projects that you, our readers, are working on. We hope it will serve as inspiration and perhaps guidance for others.

How To Shop On The High Street

I am often asked “where can I shop ethically on the high street?” Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. Of course, there are some retailers that are doing things better than others; who are making greater efforts to embed social and ethical responsibility into their supply chain, but no one brand is perfect. So where can you shop responsibly on the high street? In fact, it’s not just about where, but how, “how can I shop ethically on the high street?”

The Flintoff Interviews: Who Made Your Clothes with Rubi

For the final instalment of the Who Made Your Clothes interviews that we filmed in support of Fashion Revolution Day at our last event, writer, coach and maker-mender John-Paul Flintoff speaks to South London resident Rubi. John-Paul is keen to know, from an experienced dressmaker like Rubi, how she thinks we can be more considerate of the people who make our clothes:

The Flintoff Interviews: Who Made Your Clothes with Tim Ridley

For the fourth in our series of Who Made Your Clothes Interviews in support of Fashion Revolution Day, John-Paul Flintoff talks to artist Tim Ridley.

The Flintoff Interviews: Who Made Your Clothes with Tom Van Deijnen

In the latest of our Fashion Revolution Day inspired ‘Who Made Your Clothes’ interviews, John-Paul Flintoff speaks to knitter, darner, maker and mender extraordinaire, Tom Van Deijnen, aka Tom of Holland.

By Hand London: Printing Fabric On Demand

Have you ever looked at a fabric and wondered what on earth the print designer was thinking when they mooted such a monstrosity? A beautifully cut garment can be ruined by an imperfect print. One solution to this common conundrum is to buy your own fabric and to sew your own clothes (or find an expert to do it for you). But what if you can’t find a fabric you adore, or you have a print in mind but no idea how to bring it to life?

The Flintoff Interviews: Who Made Your Clothes with Fiona Crick

The countdown to Fashion Revolution Day continues with the second in our series of John-Paul Flintoff interviews. Just in case you've missed our previous posts about this brilliant campaign, Fashion Revolution Day is taking place on 24th April - just six weeks from today - and is an opportunity to find out how fashion can be used as a 'force for good'. To get us all thinking, the team behind the day are asking one simple question: Who Made Your Clothes.

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