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Fashion Revolution: Start Somewhere

To mark the launch of Fashion Revolution’s second bi-annual fanzine ‘Loved Clothes Last’ which is all about how to love your clothes for longer, I want to share a little customising I carried out on an old sweatshirt.

Make or Mend of The Month: My Toddler Shoe Fix

One of the biggest challenges I have with my son’s wardrobe is footwear. 99% of his clothes are second-hand but as it’s not generally recommended for children to wear hand-me-down shoes (unless they have virtually no wear), I usually buy him new shoes. That said, good quality ethically-produced children’s shoes are expensive and I cannot afford to buy more than one pair at a time.

Make or Mend of the Month: Mending for the Mind (and a Digital Detox)

It’s been a bit quiet on here for the last few months. I decided to crowdfund in June to expand The Good Wardrobe to Bristol (where I moved last year) and, as I only work part-time when my son is in childcare, for a couple of months it was all-consuming. Planning and running the campaign was so full on that I didn’t even have a spare moment to write a blog about it, let alone the head space to write about anything else.

Shop Drop for Fashion Revolution with Craftivist Collective

One month from today, on 24th April, millions of people around the world will mark the fourth anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse when 1138 people were killed near Dhaka, Bangladesh. In April 2014 Fashion Revolution Day was founded to ‘demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain’ and to remember those who have been injured or have lost their lives making clothes for our high street stores.

Make or Mend of the Month: Darn that Cardy!

If there’s one thing that’s more exciting to me than uncovering a hidden gem in a charity shop its finding something beautiful that needs to be mended. I know, it’s probably a bit bizarre but picking a garment off a rail and seeing ‘sold as seen’ scribbled on the tag gets my heart beating!

Thoughtful Giving

I love lists. I have always loved lists especially when they are lists of things I plan to buy for people. I’ve discovered note books from when I was 5 or 6 that are full of lists, many of them Christmas related. Not lists of things I want for myself, but of things I want to buy for others. I’ve always loved buying things for people and though I’ve never had a lot of money to play with, I've always relished the thought process: what gift could I give to delight, inspire or fulfill them?

Wardrobe Wisdom: Debbie Luffman on Long-Life Style

Since moving to Bristol earlier this year I’ve been on the lookout for the best of the city’s ethical fashion offering. On hearing that Cornwall based cool water surf brand Finisterre was opening their fourth store here, I could barely contain by glee. Ok, so I’ve never set foot on a surf board let alone put on a wet suit but I love the brand’s ethos, story and functional yet timeless aesthetic. Plus they offer a repair service so you can cherish your favourite garments for even longer.

Wardrobe Wisdom: Kévin Germanier talks upcycling and Shanghai Tang

With an internship at Louis Vuitton and a capsule collection for Shanghai Tang under his belt, Central St Martins student Kévin Germainier has got his fashion career off to a flying start.

Wardrobe Wisdom: Lee Jenkins, from fashion photographer to organic farmer

On the final day of Organic September I am thrilled to share some Wardrobe Wisdom from former fashion photographer turned permaculture pro Lee Jenkins. 

Wardrobe Wisdom: Alice Wilby on being a Sustainable Stylist

I thought very carefully about who to interview for this month’s Wardrobe Wisdom. To date we've had contributions from three amazing and pioneering fashion industry insiders who have told us some of their top tips and tricks. So, which ethical living expert could I invite to share knowledge from a slightly different perspective? Well, one woman who knows all there is to know about the practicalities of looking effortlessly cool and dressing ethically is sustainable stylist Alice Wilby.

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