Does anyone know of a good, inexpensive tailor?

Hello fellow Good Wardrobers

I have a couple of pictures of dresses that I have ripped out of magazines and kept in my diary for about 3 years now. I have decided it's finally time to do something about it and look into getting them made for me as I can never find anything I like as much. Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive dress-maker / tailor in London / Buckinghamshire / Hertfordshire area? I figure word of mouth is better than just taking a punt on someone I find on Google...



Sheepskin coat - adding inside pockets

A friend of mine has a sheepskin coat. At present it has no inside pockets but he's keen to add them in. Does anyone know of someone who could do this? It requires sewing into the sheepskin - i'm guessing an ordinary tailor wouldn't / couldn't do this? Thanks so much.

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