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One month from today, on 24th April, millions of people around the world will mark the fourth anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse when 1138 people were killed near Dhaka, Bangladesh. In April 2014 Fashion Revolution Day was founded to ‘demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain’ and to remember those who have been injured or have lost their lives making clothes for our high street stores. This year Fashion Revolution Week takes place from 24th to 30th April and is an opportunity for us all to ask questions about who makes our clothes.

In support of Fashion Revolution, Craftivist Collective founder Sarah Corbett has thoughtfully developed a new Mini Fashion Statement Kit, which offers a beautiful and simple way for people to ponder the provenance of what they wear. Each kit includes a set of small scrolls on which the owner is encouraged to carefully write one of three ‘provocative but not preachy messages’. The scroll can then be tied with a ribbon and ‘shop dropped’ into the pocket of a garment in store or the favorite garment of a friend, colleague or family member.

Craftivist Collective Mini Fashion Statements by Sarah Corbett

Sarah explains what she hopes to achieve through the Mini Fashion Statement Kits:

“We help people learn the art of gentle protest. We want every part of the fashion industry to be beautiful, not just the clothes. Our pocket-sized scrolls are powerful and poignant little reminders of the role we can play as consumers. They’re designed to make us think about how the clothes we buy and wear are made, and how we might be able to help tackle problems like poor conditions for workers or the use of materials that are damaging to the environment.”

The mini scroll kits are a creative, playful and gentle form of activism – they are designed to be thought-provoking to those making and receiving them. The scrolls elicit delight and curiosity. They spur you into thought, then action. Orsola de Castro, co-founder and Creative Director of Fashion Revolution, said of these tiny, yet persuasive ‘pocket-sized scrolls’:

'They may be small, but they have the power to make shoppers stop and consider the people who make our clothes, their working conditions and human rights issues. This shows that activism doesn't need to shout from the rooftops, it can gently provoke from our pockets!'

Craftivist Collective Mini Fashion Statements by Sarah Corbett

Here are some scroll-making ‘crafter-thoughts’ from Craftivist Collective:

Throughout the process of writing your scroll, from deciding what to write to where to leave it, you should embrace the most important element of craftivism, peace and quiet. Use it for some deep, contemplative thought on the words you’re about to write/have just written and what they mean. Questions to keep you on track: These are really useful in helping you consider how else you could speak out against fashion industry injustices.

1. As a consumer I vote with my wallet. How can I use my consumer power to be part of the change I wish to see in the world?
2. How can I encourage myself to only buy what I need and not be tempted by all of the pretty clothes I might want?
3. How can I encourage others to join the fashion revolution and make all of the fashion industry as beautiful as the final clothing creations? Where and to who should I make my voice heard? Shop owners? Brands? friends? Businesses? Governments even?

Craftivist Collective Mini Fashion Statements by Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett will be hosting two Mini Fashion Statements workshops, the first on 6th April in London and the second on Fashion Revolution Day itself in Lincoln, details below: 

Mini Fashion Statements for a Fashion Revolution
Thursday 6th April 2017, 6:30pm-8pm

Hackney Showroom, Hackney Downs Studios 
Amhurst Terrace
London, E8 2BT
Price: £10 (includes a DIY kit and free gifts). Advance booking is recommended and tickets are available here.
This is brand new workshop which takes place during the Joy and Dissent Festival, 'a festival of cultural activism'.

Mini Fashion Statements Workshop, Lincoln
Monday 24th April 2017, 6pm-7pm  

Cafe, Lincoln Drill Hall
Free School Lane
Lincoln, LN2 1EY
Price: Free, a £5 deposit is required. Advance booking is recommended and tickets are available here (80p booking fee).
Sarah is hosting this workshop as part of her School of Gentle Protest - she will launch a new vlog on the day which includes an interview with Orsola de Castro.

Craftivist Collective Mini Fashion Statements by Sarah Corbett

If you’re not local to London or Lincoln and want to take part, the Mini Fashion Statement Kits will be available to buy online from 7th April. Each kit costs £12 and will include:

  • A roll of high quality scrolls, each with an embossed Craftivist Collective logo
  • Three different colours of ribbon (enough for 10 scrolls) to help make your messages stand out
  • ‘Crafterthought’ questions to reflect on as you write
  • Two small free gifts
  • Tips and message templates.

To find out more about the Mini Fashion Statement Kits visit Craftivist Collective’s website.

For more information on Fashion Revolution Week and how to get involved, visit

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