See you in May!

Launching a new website at the same time as planning my wedding has at times been a challenge. I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I would like to either as over the past couple of months, but on the whole I have stayed fairly calm. It does help that my search for dresses, suits and other wedding accessories has also served as useful research for the site. 

I had intended to have a relaxed few days in the run up to the big day. Little did I know a month ago that today - three days before my wedding - I would be rushing to finish making dresses. The company due to make my bridesmaid dresses told me they couldn't make what I ordered - they were unable to get hold of the Fairtrade fabric I requested. So, rather than settle for an alternative or disappoint my three little bridesmaids who had their hearts set on the style I'd shown them months ago, I decided to order some organic fabric and make the dresses myself.

I knew it would be time-consuming and I was very out of practice but I was convinced I would feel great once I'd done it. I did have assistance from Emily who, as a trained fashion designer, helped me get started. I just got back from a trying on session with my god-daughter and her twin sister and feel sure it was all worthwhile.

The blog will be a little quiet over the next few weeks while I go and get married and have a honeymoon, but I will be back in early May with updates on my dress, the usherette's frocks and those of my beautiful bridesmaids.

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