I have less fabric than the pattern requires...

Hello there,
This is the first question I have ever asked on a sewing forum so please forgive me if it is silly or doesn't make sense!
I nabbed the last bit of some lovely fabric in the John Lewis sale with the idea of making a skirt with it but I think I'd like to try and get a dress out of it if possible. I have a couple of patterns that I think I could use but they ask for a little more fabric than I actually have. I have looked at the suggested layout for cutting the pieces and I THINK I could rearrange them to fit onto my piece of fabric. The pattern on the fabric is not going to cause any problems as it's fairly random and quite small but spread out on a plain background - little stylised, simple white and yellow bird shapes on dark blue.
Anyway, I suppose my question is will it be OK if I rearrange the layout of the pattern pieces to squeeze them onto my fabric or is there some secret thing I don't know about which might cause a sewing disaster in doing this? I have only used a pattern to make PJ bottoms and a very simple skirt so far - I'm new.
Hope someone can help. Thank you in advance!

Hi, I'm new to sewing as


I'm new to sewing as well, and you've probably found the answer somewhere else, but you should be fine if you can fit hte pieces on the fabric. The only thing you do have to bear in mind is making sure that you follow the grainline instructions which you have to do pretty carefully, making sure that the 'grainline' indicated on the pattern piece lines up exactly with the fabric grainline (vertical threads in the weave). Hope this helps/hope you're already sorted and wearing your lovely new dress!


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