second hand and damaged cashmere

Hi there I produce a range of up cycled children's clothes and am looking for a steady source of second hand cashmere - we can use all grades including damaged items. Would love to hear from anyone who might be able to help. We'd also be keen to talk to any producers who might be interested in a partnership, whereby we use your off-cuts and scraps. Hope to hear from you! Rebecca

Your collection sounds great

Your collection sounds great RebeccaG.

You could try contacting Aimee at Bristol Textile Recyclers - they are happy to hear from brands and designers who are looking for specific garments and fabrics. If you let them know what you need then they can hopefully help.

Not sure about producers but if I have any thoughts I'll post again.

All the best!

Stay true to your shelf!

Hi Rebecca! We would be more

Hi Rebecca!

We would be more than happy to help!

We are based in central Bristol and recycle 100 tonnes of unwanted textiles each week. We do not get much cashmere however it may be worth you coming by for a tour and a chat. Please give me a call on 01179 717349 or send me an email: [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

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