Specialist leather cleaning

I have a cream-coloured leather jacket that is in dire need of professional cleaning. Standard dry cleaners won't deal with it so hoping that someone on the Good Wardrobe will know where I can go. Live in South West London. Thanks.

Hi kategirl, Have you had a

Hi kategirl,

Have you had a look on the directory: we have a list of 'greener' (i.e non-toxic, naturally derived, energy efficient) dry cleaner options: www.thegoodwardrobe.com/node/153

Not on the list, but local to me is Steeds dry cleaners in Streatham offer leather dry cleaning: www.mrsteeds.co.uk/services.html. I haven't had leather cleaned by them, and though they haven't always been the cheapest option, I think that's a reflection of their service as I've been pleased with them in the past.

I haven't been for a few years and haven't checked on their eco credentials but I see from their website that they use a hydrocarbon cleaner which they say is gentler than the traditional perchloroethylene. Might be worth asking them about sustainability if that is important to you.

Good luck and if you do go there or elsewhere, please do post and tell us how you got on!

Stay true to your shelf!

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