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Share your wardrobe wisdom - please keep posts and replies relevant
Find out how to thank someone for good advice by awarding them credits

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How to find what you are looking for
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Why would I need to know how to use a blog?!

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The Forum

Our online community is no ordinary forum - it allows the sharing of skills and information whilst facilitating charitable giving. Looking for a sewing class recommendation, the best local cobbler or sustainable cycling gear? Ask The Good Wardrobe community. Soon you will be able to earn credits for sharing advice and use them to donate to one of our charity projects.

Share your wardrobe wisdom – please keep forum posts and replies relevant
We welcome comments on the site and ask that they are relevant, constructive and to the point. We reserve the right to edit or not to publish any comments that are deemed to be inappropriate, spammy, rude or irrelevant.

Find out how to thank someone for good advice by awarding them credits
If you receive a reply to your forum post that you think was helpful, you can say thank you for the advice by awarding them a credit. To do this, simply look at the bottom of their reply and click on ‘Click here to award credits for helpful advice’ – simple! This will automatically award them a ‘thank you credit’.

What is the purpose of the credits?
We are working to create partnerships with businesses who are committed to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. Through their sponsorship and your knowledge sharing on The Good Wardrobe forum, we aim to offer some financial support to charities working in sustainable fashion.

How will this work?
Let’s say Mark asks The Good Wardrobe community a question. Eleni answers and when Mark ‘thanks’ her, Eleni is awarded with credits for helping out. As Eleni builds up credits she can start to use those to donate to one of The Good Wardrobe’s chosen charities. The money is donated by the corporate sponsor. More details coming soon.

In the short term, whilst we secure this sponsorship, the user that we feel has contributed the most wardrobe wisdom on the forum in a specified month will in turn be thanked by us – they will receive a special mention in one of our newsletters and, if they are UK based, they will receive a gift in the post. *(see below for terms and conditions).

The Directory

How to find what you are looking for
Go to the main directory page to browse by category, or search for a particular business name using the search box at the top right of any page. Our listings include services such as sewing machine hire, tailors or alterations; shops such as ethical boutiques, charity shops and haberdashers; products include garment care, books and sustainable fabrics; websites include dress hire, clothes swaps or fashion retail.

Enjoyed using the forum? Try reviewing a business on our directory
If you have had a good (or not so good) experience, you can review shops, sites and services in our ‘long-life style’ directory. Tell our community what you think to help them find what they are looking for.

The Blog

Why would I need to know how to use a blog?!
Well, this is more 'what our blog is all about'. Whist we do love a good bit of news, we don't always aim to bring you 'the very latest-straight-from-the-catwalk' fast-paced kind. Sometimes our news is breaking, other times it might be a bit slower, sort of gently pootling along. This is because we think slow news is good (just like slow fashion), and if something is good, it is also worth waiting for. 

We have three blog categories:
1) Style file - the good stuff
2) Style bile - the bad stuff uncovered
3) Stay true to your shelf - hints and tips (and other updates)

*Terms and conditions.
Users must provide a UK postal address within 4 weeks of us requesting it (we don’t yet have the funds to post abroad – sorry). The winner is chosen by us, based on how helpful we feel they have been in posting questions and replies on the forum that month (from the first of that month). This will not run every month - we will specify on the website and / or in a newsletter if we are running this in the following month. Our decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.

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