Cruelty free fabrics!

Hello, I've read a couple of posts about ethical fabrics and where to buy it but none of it seemed to be 100% ethical for the animals that some of the materials come from...I'm particularly interested in finding ethical and cruelty free silks where the silk worms are not killed and I would like to know if anywhere sells wool that comes from sheep who live out their natural lives and is not a by product from the meat industry. This is probably a big ask, I know Izzy Lane sells cruelty free clothing but I'm after the initial fabric that follows her ethos! If there is anywhere out there that anybody might know of, I would be very grateful for any suggestions. Thank you!

Hi Jennifer, in answer to

Hi Jennifer,
in answer to your question about Cruelty Free Fabric, would you like to contact [email protected] ( a sister company of Izzy Lane)? We would love to help you if we can with woven fabric or at least have a like minded chat.
Kind regards,

Hi Jennifer - We have just

Hi Jennifer - We have just joined up!
Good question regarding cruelty free fabric - we at Lancaster & Cornish look very crefully at our supply chain for all products and fabrics and would be happy to share what we know.
Best wishes, Sian


Sian Cornish
Lancaster & Cornish

Hi Jennifer! at Offset

Hi Jennifer! at Offset Warehouse Ethical Fabrics we sell cruelty free fabrics, like our "Peace Silk", which it is spun from cocoons where the moth has been allowed to complete its full metamorphosis and emerge free:
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions! [email protected]
I look forward to talking to you! Flo.

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