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HI, Does any one know how to defluff a jumper.. it is cotton/de-haired angora. I have tried tape and a de- fluffer machine but it still leaves fluff on my shirts. thanks so much

I would try hand washing it-

I would try hand washing it- several times if necessary- in tepid water. You can probably spin it and then dry flat or on a wide (mans suit) hanger if it is not too heavy. It's all I can think of so good luck.

I have heard that one way of

I have heard that one way of stopping angora and mohair jumpers moulting is to pop them in a plastic bag and then into the freezer for a couple of hours. I don't know if it's a long term solution or if you have to do it every time you want to wear the jumper but it may be worth a try.

This is a very simple fix and

This is a very simple fix and all you will need is a quick trip to your local 99p store to purchase a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Yes, the very ones you would use on your own hair, however I have found the ones recommended for dry and damaged hair to be better and a pair of rubber gloves.
fill a large bowl or sink with luke warm water and a table spoon of shampoo. Massage the jumper in the shampoo water until you feel it has had enough of your rubber gloved massage. Then fill the bowl/sink with clean luke warm water and repeat the massage minus the shampoo. fill the bowl again and repeat but with the hair conditioner, massage and repeat the rinse massage two more times, squeeze the excess water out but do not wring it out as you will stretch the garment! Lay a bath towel on your table or worktop and place the jumper on it, place another bath towel on the top lift the whole jumper sandwich and place over the back of a kitchen chair. after a couple of hours you will be able to hang on a coat hanger as normal for the remainder of the drying time. You have to remember that Angora is hair so you must treat it as you would your own. xxx

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Short fibres are more prone

Short fibres are more prone to shedding, and often inexpensive knits will be lower quality and shorter. If this is the case, there won't be much you can do to stop it shedding (sorry).

Having said that, I haven't tried the above suggested methods, and it may help to use a hair conditioner which, like a good fabric conditioner can help to reduce static.

I would recommend a natural, chemical free detergent (kinder to the environment & to your skin) that is made for wool and delicates, like the one Ecover make: http://www.ecoverdirect.com/products/delicate-laundry-liquid-1l/edelicat.... They also do a good fabric softener.

Do take care when washing to ensure you don't agitate it too much - rubbing a delicate woollen is likely to cause shrinkage and felting. Have a look at my article from December about how to care for winter woollens: http://www.thegoodwardrobe.com/ten-top-tips-caring-for-winter-woolens.

Good luck!

Stay true to your shelf!

B+M Bargains velcro hair

B+M Bargains velcro hair rollers.
Brush gently over garment esp. pilled areas.
Angora sheds like mad anyway.

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