Ethical fabric

Is there anywhere I can buy ethical fabric? I found some suppliers by googling but they are more industry and I don’t want large volumes, just a couple of metres for making a tote bag.

Try Offset Warehouse

Try Offset Warehouse, an online ethical haberdashery. I haven't bought from them yet but it has been recommended to me and seems to have a good range.


Ray Stitch in East London

Ray Stitch in East London sells gorgeous light-weight organic fabrics in lovely prints or you can buy online if you're not London based.

If you want something heavier or more hard-wearing then try Bishopton Trading who stock organic calico, denim, velvet and corduroy as well as hand-loom cotton

And I agree Offset Warehouse is a great place to look too.

Stay true to your shelf!

Remember that re-used fabric

Remember that re-used fabric is also ethical. When browsing in charity and second-hand shops, keep your eyes open for clothes, sheets or curtains that you could have fun using in another way.

There's lots of potential for making really personal Christmas presents for your loved ones out of attractive fabrics, too. If that's a new idea for you, start simply by making lavender bags to put in drawers or hang on clothes hangers... and then let your imagination take flight

Our Patterned Hand 49

Our Patterned Hand
49 Broadway Market
E8 4PH

Fantastic shop that sells ethically sourced, organic, handloomed and vintage fabrics - the most amazing silk kimono fabrics that make excellent silk scarfs at a fraction of the cost to buy.

I also agree with Pippa - look in charity shops or at your own clothes. I reuse all my clothes rather than throw them away. Jeans make excellent patchwork cushion covers. I've turned old sheets into bench cushions & even fabrics wreaths. Once you start looking around there are endless possibilities.

Good luck with finding what you want.

Hi Amy! I actually work for

Hi Amy! I actually work for Offset Warehouse, the online site that Karenfp recommended. I know there are only a handful of companies that sell ethical fabrics and a few of them have competitive prices, others are just ridiculously expensive for the fact of being "ethical" (should be the other way round!!).
This is my email in case you have any questions on ethical fabrics or on how Offset Warehouse works! [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in ethical fabrics, it makes me very happy to see that there are people who share our concerns! :)

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