Wedding dress dilemma

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum and am in need of advice for my wedding dress please?!

I bought my dress online from an independent designer in America. She was lovely and took all my necessary measurements. I did tell her that she was making the dress many months in advance and the there was a strong possibility I'd be a few months pregnant by the time I get to wear it.

I also thought from the photos, that the dress was an empire line.

I got the finished dress last week and its very fitted and not empire line at all! It's got a concealed zip at the back and the skirt part starts at the waist.

So, after all that, what I want to know is... Is it possible to alter this dress to make it empire line? What would need to be done? Would the zip need to be removed? The skirt part has quite a few layers. Oh, and there is a built in corset inside, but I've not checked just how much its sewn onto the under bust bit.

I've probably not described it in as much detail as anyone would need to be able to tell, but I really want to wear this dress and can't afford to buy a replacement one!

If there's anything that could be done, please tell me? I'm planning on taking it to a professional alteration service as I think it's WAY beyond my skills!

Many thanks xx

Hi Bridewithscissors, That is

Hi Bridewithscissors,
That is a bit of a dilemma you have! Most dresses can be altered but it depends on how much you are prepared to spend.
It sounds like the front bodice can be shortened under your bust at the front to allow the skirt to be raised from the waistline where it sits at the moment to the empire line - that is if you have enough in the length because when you raise the waistline to under your bust you will of course be shortening the front of the dress at the same time. If they raise just the front to allow for your increasing bump then you can leave the back pretty much as it is which will create an empire line at the front, dropping to the back which is unaltered. Just be careful that if you are heavily pregnant you are giving yourself enough space to be comfortable all day long. Your bodice must not be too tight and if it means removing some of the boning in the bodice then you may have to do that too.
I hope this gives you some idea of what is possible and what you may be able to suggest to the company you take it to for alteration.
Good luck - for the dress, the wedding and the baby :-) M

In my experience the bust is

In my experience the bust is often more of an issue than the bump in early pregnancy wedding dresses, so you may well need to let the corset out rather than fiddle about too much at the waist. Often a few gathers or tucks in the waist seam are enough to give you the room you need, but as swissarmywife pointed out, this may well be at the expense of length.

My advice would be to book time now with a dressmaker for a week or two before *the big day*, as this way you will both know what you're dealing with in reality.

Best of British!


Yes it would be better to

Yes it would be better to take it to a professional alteration.Your new measurements will be taken properly again and it will be comfortable for you to wear it then.

Anaya Watson

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