Sewing machine troubles

Hi All,
I am new to The Good Wardrobe but I have heard good things about the site.
I need a little advice about my sewing machine.
I has been back & forth twice to the company for repairs & now I think my needle position is broken.

When using a normal sewing foot the needle is supposed to be positioned so the stitch sit in the gap of the foot right? Mine doesn't but I did mention it to the company when they repaired my machine the last time but it hasn't changed?

Am I just having a moment?

Thank you

Hi Mrs Berto, It can depend

Hi Mrs Berto,
It can depend on the machine - some have the default needle position to one side or the other.
e.g. We have a Brother Innovis 600 where the default needle position for stitch 1 (straight stitch) is on the left hand side of the presser foot. There is another straight stitch option which has the default needle position in the centre (stitch 2) but all the markings on the footplate relate to the needle position for stitch 1.

what machine brand are you

what machine brand are you using? I have a couple of machines and if I have the same brand can have a look for you to see the exact position of mine.

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