Best place to donate fabric scraps?

Can anyone advise on the best way to recycle fabric scrap? I have a large bag of small pieces of very basic (mostly plain white) fabric scraps. I was planning on putting these in one of the charity bags that come through the door as I think they will be recycled for scrap, but wonder if anyone can advise further??

An alternative would be to

An alternative would be to check at your local primary school to see if they would be interested. I work at one and they are always open to donations of this kind of thing for the children to use in collages etc.

There are a whole bunch of

There are a whole bunch of tutorials around the web for making small items from even the smallest scraps - I do plenty of these but still seem to generate more scraps than I can use.

Current favourite projects for scraps are small butterflies and free machine embroidery.

Just made some as alternative corsages for girls to wear to their prom.
Inspiration here :
Tutorial here:

Small scraps are excellent for Poppy Treffry style free machine embroidery ( I was lucky enough to be given her book and also attended one of her excellent workshops in Cornwall, but there are tutorials for this type of project around the web.

Other places where my scraps have found good homes are :

* our local scrap store, I think there are a couple in Birmingham, but do contact them to check if they will take your scraps before you rock up with a big bag full

* a doll making relative (she makes fab fairy/zombie type art dolls ) - try a doll maker's forum if you don't have a crazy fairy making cousin-in-law of your own :-)

You can donate fabric scraps

You can donate fabric scraps to TRAID (take to a shop or recycling bank or arrange for free collection). They reuse the scraps for their ReMade label of new garments, donate it for workshops in their educational programme or if the scraps are absolutely un-usable, send them for recycling into shoddy cloth (for rags and such).

We reuse pretty much everything in the Here Today Here Tomorrow shop but when scraps do get to the end of their life it's nice to know we can take them to TRAID and they won't go to the landfill!

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Hi, I have been asking around

Hi, I have been asking around and although I believe you can use chopped 100% cotton to make traditional parchment/paper I have not yet found any traditional paper manufacturers who can make use of it. I have however been informed that Oxfam accept bags of unsorted rags and scrap fabric which goes to be chopped up for stuffing etc.

I am quite keen to give the paper manufacturing process a try as I saw this on a program some time ago and it make absolutely beautiful parchment - perhaps one day when I have no other projects in hand (ha ha!!).

Have you tried making your

Have you tried making your own bias tape? That's the plan I have for my own fabric scrap pile. Colette Patterns has some magnificent tutorials on how to do this!

Hi There, I am teaching

Hi There,

I am teaching sewing lessons and we need remnants for sewing projects, please contact me on 07903681552 if you wish to donate your fabric to help new learners.

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