Washing canvas trainers

I have some white converse style shoes which got dirty with orange dust/sand on a recent walk. Does anyone have experience of putting shoes like this in the washing machine? My washing machine is not that well behaved at the best of times and I don't want to upset it! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Zoe, I have put many

Hi Zoe,
I have put many different types of shoes in the washing machine over the years and as long as you don't use a very warm cycle (the soles are rubber after all) they will be fine. Make sure the colour does not run or put them into the machine with similar coloured items. It does make a real racket but if you wash them together with other washing it creates a buffer. If the drum becomes unbalanced during the spin cycle you may need to re-distrubute the contents of the drum and set it to spinning again. If this does not work simply remove them before the spin cycle and let them drip dry. To help them keep the nice shape, after washing I would suggest you smooth out the canvas and then stuff them with plastic shopping bags until they are the nice shape you like and make sure the laces are done up. The plastic will slow down the drying process, but hopefully we are going to have some great sunny weather from this weekend and you can put them outside to dry!
I hope this is helpful. :-) M

They will be fine in the

They will be fine in the washing machine - but as suggested above, be careful with the temperature! The last time I washed my converse I didn't pay enough attention to the temperature and it was a little too warm, so melted the glue that holds in the inner sole, so nothing too major, just a little annoying! They did come out sparkling clean though.

If your shoes are stained,

If your shoes are stained, treat the stains before washing as any heat may 'set' the stains and make them harder to shift afterwards.

To reduce the racket of shoes rattling in the drum, it helps a bit to put them in a net washing bag if you have one... I do this when washing all my delicates too, as it helps prevent tangling and snagging... or, failing that, try an old pillow case with a couple of safety pins strategically placed to keep it closed.

A more absorbent alternative to plastic bags for stuffing is newspaper, which will help them dry quicker and in shape. If the shoes are white, you may need take care to avoid the printing ink marking the outside as you do this.

When you've tied the laces, you could also use these to tie them together and hang them over a clothes line... but be careful they're not a hazard to passers by... I got a nasty 'kick' on the head when someone did this on my clothes line without warning me!

I agree with the above. If

I agree with the above. If they are really grubby, before washing, you could try sprinkling over some soda crystals, pour over some vinegar and add warm water to soak.

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