Finding new sustainable clothing online

I've been trying to buy better for the last few years but have found it difficult to find clothes that I like and also shopping for the full spectrum of jeans to shoes to accessories is time consuming. How do you find new sustainable apparel? It's been a big enough problem for me to think about starting a business in this area - do you think that there's a gap in the online market for something like this? Any help, comments and tips would be much appreciated :)

Thanks for posting

Thanks for posting Aisha.

That is exactly what this site is for - to make it as easy as possible for people to find sustainable clothing. We're still developing and adding new features and businesses all the time.

Is there anything particular you would like help to find and have you looked on our directory?

Greetings from DC, Washington

Greetings from DC,
Washington DC is beginning to see a groundswell of local designers committed to using eco-friendly materials, "up-cycling", and local production strategies. "NanaDC" ( is one of the our local leaders in this movement. This is from Nana's website:

"The Nana line, which is produced only blocks from Jackie's home, is now in its third year and has earned a following of savvy shoppers. The vintage-inspired, sustainably-made label aims to make its wearer look AND feel confident, poised, and gorgeous."

I have been admirer of Jackie, the founder of Nana, for years so I thought I would share this great "experiment" in local sustainability!

Laura Lee

Laura Lee
Co-Founder, DC Threads
Washington, DC

Hi Aisha, Depending on what

Hi Aisha,

Depending on what you are looking for there are more an more independent sustainable labels coming through, I run one called Outsider - - we offer a range of womenswear pieces.

I also try to buy sustainable where possible and where I don't cover everything you might need, I recommend Monkee Jeans for jeans online, Heretoday Heretomorrow and 69B are both lovely boutiques in East London with a selection of sustainable designers. For shoes I always go to Beyond Skin or Tom's.

Kind wishes,

Hi Aisha, I certainly

Hi Aisha,

I certainly appreciate your opening statement wanting to buy better!

We created the Dingodude label specifically to provide a choice for men's garments that not just met the need to look good and feel good, but also be a responsible company by choosing eco-friendly materials (in our case organic bamboo fibre fabric) and supporting the charities listed on our website
You can choose garments for your favourite man (or men if you are a woman looking out for her husband or boyfriend plus sons/ brothers / father) online and we ship internationally.

The benefits of bamboo fibre include the incredible feel of the fabric, somewhere between silk and cashmere, superior moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic qualities PLUS the natural rain-fed plantations do not use insecticides or pesticides. You can see why fast growing bamboo is far superior to cotton in its sustainability and environmental impact.



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