Can you fix a broken zip base?

Hi all,
Can I pick your brains?
The base of the zip on my husband's coat has recently had the metal 'cover' come off. It's the bit at the very bottom that is placed into the zip pull part to keep the 2 sides together. I tried using pliers to clamp the small metal piece back in place, but it sheared in two!

Do you know of anywhere I can get a replacement part? I could replace the whole zip, but it seems a shame when it's only a small piece which has failed.
All ideas (or alternative fixing suggestions) greatly appreciated.

I can't promise it will solve

I can't promise it will solve this particular problem, but you might like to try a '24-piece Zip Repair Kit With Metal And Nylon Parts' available for £5.99 from Betterware. See:
Good luck!

Hi MamaBee, it sounds like it

Hi MamaBee, it sounds like it is the tab at the end of the teeth that has broken and the only thing I can suggest is that you find a similar zip on a garment from a charity shop (upcycling) and take the piece you need off the bought zip and try re-attach it to the current zip that is broken.
It may be tricky but worth a try if the zip is not too expensive and if it doesn't work you are better off getting it to a tailor and having a new zip installed - unless you are confident in doing it yourself of course.
Good luck :-)

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