Leather Jacket

I've got a very old, but very loved leather jacket and I've never found another as good. It's got a small tear, which I can live with, but it's gradually losing it's blackness. I've tried polish, but any other suggestions?
Many thanks.

Greetings from the Rain

Greetings from the Rain Forest to you!!! actually all you have to do, is tu buy shoe dye in black color and aply very very gently around the hole of the tear. I think that would do it!! Please let me know if it worked!! Warm wishes,
Adriana Orozco

An old favourite for any worn

An old favourite for any worn or fading leather was Tuxan Renovating Shoe Polish, in a wide range of colours rubbed in with a soft rag and then polished off, first with a brush and then a soft, clean cloth.
Online research shows: 'Tuxan was a renovating cream product supplied in tins and jars. Once a brand of Reckitt & Colman it was sold to the Sarah Lee corporation and is now sold under the Kiwi banner as Kiwi Select Renovating Polish. Sold in a wide range of colours their purpose is to restore scuffed or scratched shoes.'
Online offers include: https://securenretail.co.uk/www.kidskickers.co.uk/index.php?product_id=1... at £2.75, and http://www.shoedoctorshop.co.uk/Polishes.htm at £3.25.
Worth a try...

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