Buying a second hand sewing machine

Does anybody know of a shop in London that sells second hand sewing machines?
I never thought I would need one, as I'm not particularly good at actually using one, but I suddenly find myself paying someone else to mend my kids' minor holes in various garments, something I could actually do myself.
Also, how much is reasonable to spend? Are there any particularly good makes?
I am in the appreciated!

Rob at Sew Amazing is my

Rob at Sew Amazing is my machine guru. Ring before turning up.


Hi Anna, If you rarely use a

Hi Anna,
If you rarely use a machine and are therefore not too confident in your skills, may I suggest that you try hand sewing the repairs? It will save you some money and a huge amount of repairs are easily done by hand once you have acquired the necessary skills. Some repairs can also be undertaken using iron-on products (like hems and holes). Perhaps you know someone or could ask on the forum if there is somewhere you could go to to learn the basics? Hand sewing financial outlay is minimal and then if you really do start to enjoy the process you could invest in a sewing machine in the future.
I hope this helps. Kind regards.

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