Sheepskin coat - adding inside pockets

A friend of mine has a sheepskin coat. At present it has no inside pockets but he's keen to add them in. Does anyone know of someone who could do this? It requires sewing into the sheepskin - i'm guessing an ordinary tailor wouldn't / couldn't do this? Thanks so much.

This is tricky, unless it's

This is tricky, unless it's lined. If there are seams in the right places, you could anchor a pouch to them, otherwise the stitching holding the pocket will show on the right side of the garment.

Usually tailors do not have the right machines to work with leather/ suede (but could insert a pocket into lining) and boot repairers who have the machines usually do not have the skills. It may be possible to do it by hand. I'm happy to have a look at pictures if you're stuck.


This is a brilliant help -

This is a brilliant help - thank you Jo. I'll talk to my friend and will try and get pics. Ben

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