Boot Repairs

Where can I get my boot zips mended? I have 3 pairs of good quality leather boots, all with one or two zips broken. I've been quoted £40 per zip which seems a bit steep. Any ideas for places in or near London?

Thanks for the post

Thanks for the post mellymango.

One of our community members is a costumier and has very kindly just sent us some great recommendations for shops and services local to her in Hackney. We will soon be adding them all to the directory but in the meantime we thought we'd pass on her recommendation of what we hear is a great cobbler:

"PARSONS COBBLERS, 79-81 Stoke Newington High Street, London
07539 202505 will go out of the way to help – no job too strange"

If you are not local, perhaps you could give them a call in the first instance - as you have a few pairs it could be worthwhile making the trip.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on.

Many thanks for the Parsons

Many thanks for the Parsons Cobblers suggestion. I will check them out. I've also got a favourite green leather bag that needs repairing so I'll take that along too.


The Master Cobbler on Upper

The Master Cobbler on Upper Street in Islington is brilliant. I went recently on a recommendation to repair some well-loved boots that I've had for four years. I had completely worn down the (flat) heels and they re-built them. The boots look as good as new now.

there is a shopping mall

there is a shopping mall opposite shepherds bush central line tube station and at the back opposite morisons there is a small repair shop. the man who works there is iranian and has experience as a bootmaker. he is reluctant to do more than resoling/heeling but the work is excellent and as cheap as anywhere i have seen.

Great source of information

Great source of information here, lots of remarkable and useful posts. Thanks a lot for all your hard work!

So pleased to stumble across

So pleased to stumble across this today :). I've discovered that two pairs of my leather boots are irreparable (a good case for regular re-soling) and remember that my mum used to get old boots re-made into court shoes and gloves with the remaining perfectly good leather.

Does anybody know anyone in London who might still do this without charging an absolute fortune?! Most of the leather is still in great condition and I'm loathe to cast them aside entirely.

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