Baby gifts

A friend of mine is about to have a little baby girl, and I'm wanting to make the new baby a gift. I am a good sewer and Have very basic knitting skills. I don't have children of my own, nor do many of my friends have babies, so I'm not sure what is useful for first time mothers and their new bubs? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! It also can't weigh too much as I need to send it home to Australia!

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


In the past I have given new

In the past I have given new Mums and Dads those baby towels that have a little in-built hood. I've been told they are really useful and I think it would be fairly straight forward to make:

1) cut a square of soft toweling (big enough to wrap a small baby up in!)
2) cut a small triangle to fit across one corner of the towel (this should be big enough to make a little hood - it goes over the baby's head to keep them warm post-bath)
3) align the small triangle on the corner of the square and stitch in place.
4) edge all four sides with bias binding
5) You could also embroider or decorate the outer side of the towel or the little hood (making sure any stitching on the underside of the hood is very soft so it won't scratch the baby)

Offset Warehouse sell an organic cotton and bamboo terry toweling blend which would be very soft:

It is a 3 yard minimum so you could make a few baby towels or use the rest for making Christmas gifts perhaps.

A quick google brought up a few more fabric options from Eco Earth:

And here's a ready made one I just found from Neal's Yard Remedies:

Let us know how you get on!

Stay true to your shelf!

Zoe thats a great idea -

Zoe thats a great idea - having had two rugrats I can vouch for the fact that hooded towels are fantastic. Also when they get older and start to walk you can carry on the theme with a hooded towel tabbard like the one here:

My son used his until it was so short it was more of a nipple cover than a towel!

The other thing you could make is a crotcheted wash cloth. There is a pattern in the book 'Granny Square Crotchet' by Catherine Hirst. She also has a whole chapter on gifts for babies and children. Once you have mastered the Granny Square you'll be churning them out!

Good luck with whatever project you choose - if its handmade I can tell you from experince it will be loved all the more!


I also had a lovely white

I also had a lovely white knitted cardigan when my oldest was born which she wore loads over the pretty dresses that she got as presents. Knitted blankets are also handy too and I pressume quite easy to make. You could try knitting squares and making into a patchwork blanket.

Thanks everyone for the great

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!

I have just started making a hand-made mobile featuring London icons (as my friend lives in Australia). At the moment it features a cloud, an umbrella and a tea pot, with a squirrel and a red double decker bus on the way.

I think a hooded towel will be the next project - maybe for the bub's first birthday!

What fantastic ideas! I love

What fantastic ideas! I love them all. I have been buying nothing new since September, so am always on the look out for great homemade present ideas-thankyou all!
The London icon mobile sounds amazing-are you sewing the icons?

Yes I sewed each icon by

Yes I sewed each icon by hand. I made them from felt and then stuffed them with toy filling.

All seven icons are finished now - an umbrella, a cloud, a teapot, a squirrel, a double decker bus, a phone booth and a Queen's guard. Now I just have to work out what to hang them from, and it will be on its way to Australia.

The mobile I've just started has more of an Oriental feel, as it features pandas!

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