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Hello All,

I have recently gone through my wardrobe, and I am ashamed to say it, but the process brought me to an uneasy confrontation with my sartorial self. I am posting on the Good Wardrobe, because I clearly need help. My confession? I had a number of items, just hanging around, that I had never worn. They have been staring back at me for, oh, a couple of years now. The tags were still on some garments, and they were, for all intents and purposes, complete virgins in the land of apparel.

I have taken myself in hand, and made a gift of them to a friend whom I thought might look good in them. But the question remains, why did I buy them in the first place???? I've put them on, and taken them off, roughly a million times, always hoping that somehow, they'll manage to look good. They never did.

I now wonder the extent to which I am alone in this? Am I the only one for whom a kind of fitting room magic dust settles in front of my eyes, where suddenly the most obscure and ridiculous thing looks "kinda trendy", "experimental", "classy" or "sexy"? How could I be SO WRONG?!!? My crime has been committed in Oxfam, House of Fraser and everything in between.

So, dear reader. I'm determined not to be so wasteful, and avoid this practice in the future. What is a girl to do (or a man - I'm reasonably confident it happens to them too) in order to avoid this sort of fashion crime?

Thoughts (and other confessions) appreciated.


Hi Jane, My advice would be

Hi Jane,

My advice would be to PUT THE PIECE OF CLOTHING DOWN!

Then have a good think about it (if you have it in your hands, it may woo you with its charm, "kinda trendiness," "sexiness," or "classiness.") First ask yourself if it fills a void in your wardrobe? Or do you already have a piece like it? If it is something you are missing, then ask yourself 'will I still be thinking about in a few days, if I didn't buy it?' If the answer is still 'YES' then consider leaving it for a few days. If you are worried that it won't be there in a few days, you could consider leaving it up to the Clothing Gods to decide if it should become a part of your wardrobe, or you could ask the store if they could hold it for you for a day or two.

I'm new to London, so I'm not sure if it exists here, but in Sydney, we have a system called 'lay-by.' Basically, what it is, is that you can hold something in a store, and pay off a small amount each week. You could ask if the store offers a system like this? As it would give you longer to really think about if you need it!

If the piece of clothing passes the challenge and makes it into your wardrobe, then don't be afraid to return it, if it doesn't work out between the two of you. Leave the tags on, and if you haven't worn it during the week or two after purchase, then maybe it doesn't belong in your wardrobe after all - and it may be happier in someone else's wardrobe.

I hope this advice has been helpful (it works for me). Good on you for de-cluttering your wardrobe and passing what you didn't need onto a friend.

Good Luck on your mission to banish this fashion crime (don't worry, you are definitely not the only one committing this crime)!


I do make mistakes with what

I do make mistakes with what I buy but a lot less since I started shopping online. Most of my big mistakes have been made when I am rushing, the changing rooms are busy or I have children in tow. I find by shopping online, I can carefully consider the item before I buy it without any pressure and also after I receive it try on and see how it might look with other clothes in my wardrobe and return if I am not 100% happy. I have a policy where if I have any doubts at all with regard to style, fit or quality, it goes back.

I also tend to have an ongoing wishlist where I leave items until I have had time to consider them. I try and think about where and when I would wear them, whether they would fill any gaps in my wardrobe and how they would fit with other items in my wardrobe. Often I find something else that gets added to the wishlist and something else will get taken off, so when I have some money to spend, I know exactly what I want.

It seems that the fuller the

It seems that the fuller the wardrobe, the less we have to wear. Somewhere in between all those fabulous skirts, eye-catching cardigans and must-have dresses, there are plenty of pretty outfits hiding, waiting to be worn. The trick is how to find them.

Therefore, I set myself a Clothing Challenge. I put everything that I had’t worn for the past half year in a big pile, which will be my wardrobe for the following month. Daily, some of these items got a chance to prove their worth – those that hadn’t been worn by the end of the month, I've given away.

It's such a useful exercise that I still do it every half year - it gives you great insight in where your pitfalls are and which things you actually wear. Have a look:

This is nice and useful

This is nice and useful information basically clothes are the major issue in our life it is a difficult situation for choosing a good dress to wear.

I know exactly what you mean.

I know exactly what you mean. The shopping impulse takes over sometimes and we end up owning clothes that we will never wear. My wardrobe looks pretty much the same. I am though focused now to find some couples costumes, I am preparing for a change of style.

I really agree with the

I really agree with the advice to think about a purchase for a few days - the only problem being I have done this and gone back to buy it and it has gone! My main problem is that I think I am thinner than I actually am! and several of my purchases which (just) fitted when i bought them now look really tight and too short. I still like the clothes but they look awful on me. Yes, ok I AM trying to lose weight but will power is not my thing! My resolution is to realise that I am now a size 12 and I will not try on any size 10's ever again. I need to find a swap party so I know they will go to a good home

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