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I've just picked up my wedding dress, having had it dry cleaned. It is in very good condition and I'd really like to do something with it. Are there any charities that specialise in wedding gowns? I'd prefer to give it away rather than leave it in its box

Yes, Oxfam does. They have

Yes, Oxfam does. They have bridal departments in 11 of their shops around the country. There's some more info here:

For anyone planning a wedding you can also create a wedding list with Oxfam Unwrapped - so rather than buying you kettles and toasters, your guests can contribute to kitting out a classroom, or building a well.

Another idea is to use one of

Another idea is to use one of the online Freecycle websites in your area. I am sure there would be someone who wishes to find a dress which helps keep their costs down.

I've just upcycled a wedding

I've just upcycled a wedding dress into a Vivienne Westwood style party dress with net petticoats from the veil for their 10th anniversary party. It was fun and gives the dress a new lease of life. You could also get it screen printed ( as this one will be next time round!)

Happy to send pics privately, but as the party hasn't happened yet they're not online.


A wedding dress might be

A wedding dress might be something you've been thinking about since you were a child, but there's still no reason why you should have to shell out a fortune for it. By being canny, you can still have your dream wedding dress without the debt.

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