Coat lining

I have a beautiful vintage coat, which I bought in a charity shop. The coat itself is in pretty good knick, but the lining is completely torn. Does anyone know a reliable place that could re-line it for me? And how much should it cost? Thanks!

Hi Anna Sorry I cant help,

Hi Anna

Sorry I cant help, but I have a very similar situation. So if you find a place who will do this for you, would you please let me know?

Thanks Paula

Have you thought about a

Have you thought about a fashion student from your local college, they will be keen for the work and you wont have to pay threw the nose.

Hi, Just to let you know that

Hi, Just to let you know that I finally found a place to line my coat for me!
I used Thomas Clarke dry cleaners on Sunnyhill Road in Streatham, London. He doesn't actually advertise that he does alterations, but he does have a woman that does them. Great job, very thorough and only £38 to reline the coat! He used the old lining from the sleeves to fix the main coat lining and then put new lining on the sleeves. He even cleaned it for me, no extra cost. highly recommended!

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