100% cotton socks

I only wear 100% cotton socks (or I try to) - my feet get itchy with polyester or even lycra. But cotton socks wear out quite quickly. Does anyone know of another natural fibre socks are made from, such as hemp, or any ethical sock brands? Much appreciated.

Hemp is a great fabric and

Hemp is a great fabric and has a long use life, my husband has bought hemp clothing and socks and its breathable like cotton, good luck.

Hello, I've got several ideas

I've got several ideas for you:
For hemp socks you could try the aptly named Hemp Store (www.thehempstore.co.uk) which I know of because they have a small market stall in Cambridge, where I live. They stock Australian brand Braintree Hemp and others. The Ethical Superstore socks this brand too (www.ethicalsuperstore.com).
I also purchased some very comfy and durable bamboo socks from BAM (www.bambooclothing.co.uk). They are lovely people who sell socks in a mixture of bamboo and organic cotton.
And finally there's the Fair Corp (www.thefaircorp.com), for 100% organic cotton socks. I haven't tried these ones but I bought other things from their website and it was good quality.
Hope you'll find something for your feet amongst these ideas!

Good suggestions above and I

Good suggestions above and I agree - I have socks from The Hemp Store which are a hemp synthetic blend but are hard-wearing. I also have bamboo socks from BAM - these are really comfy and have soft, lovely reinforced soles, but if you are sensitive to synthetics it's worth knowing that like the hemp socks, they do contain nylon and spandex).

I just looked on Fair Corp - and they don't list their sock content so am interested to know if they are 100% cotton, or if they are a blend. Does anyone know?

Stay true to your shelf!

Bamboo is particularly good

Bamboo is particularly good for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin and it is also really soft against the skin. You can find a good selection of
bamboo socks by Seasalt Cornwall and Braintree Hemp on style is... http://style-is.co.uk/womens/style/socks/ethics/bamboo/ (I think they all have a bit of elastine in them though)

Thanks so much for such

Thanks so much for such helpful advice!

This is brilliant advice -

This is brilliant advice - thank you!

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