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My Mum asked me a few weeks ago if I would be posting my Observer Ethical Award entry - I said I thought not. Bizarrely, I felt a little shy about it, perhaps because the winners hadn't at that time been announced. But since then a few more people have asked me about the outfit that got me shortlisted, so I thought I would tell it's story after all. It also gives me the opportunity to acknowledge some of the lovely brands who helped me achieve my runner-up status in the 'The Green Oscars'.

This every-day outfit combines family heirlooms, up-cycling innovations, Fairtrade favourties and charity shop chic. Each piece has lived, tells its own story and was made to last.

My Grandmother gave me this grey wool 1980s coat - it was boxy and bat-winged so I took it to be up-cycled by Junky Styling who worked with me to re-design it in a style that suits me. This was the fourth winter I've worn it and the lining is going so I've repaired it a few times. The boots were my Mum's from the 70s - they have been well-worn and well cared-for by both of us.

This gorgeous Fairtrade scarf is People Tree - it always attracts compliments. The tote bag is Elvis and Kresse, made from de-commissioned fire-hoses (saved from landfill). It was a gift from my Mum and a great investment as it will last years. Kresse Wesling (the founder) was my first mentor in 2008 so it means a lot to me.

I bought a second-hand grey jumper a few years ago - it shrunk and felted so I turned it into a hat and gloves. They too are well-worn with holes coming so I'll be darning them soon. The rest is unseen - my jeans and top (which I customised with buttons) were a couple of pounds each from local charity shops, I bought my trusty jumper from Whistles around 15 years ago and my vest (a gift) is organic.

Thanks also to Eco Age, Ecover and The Observer for providing this platform for celebrating ethical style.

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