Cock & Bull: Mindful Menswear

Tomorrow the doors of London Fashion Week will swing open once more to celebrate the best of UK and international womenswear designers. But today it is a menswear story that is getting me more than a little excited. Tonight, on the eve of LFW, Cock & Bull & Co, the UK’s first ever boutique dedicated to sustainable menswear officially opens in East London.

Interior of Cock & Bull & Co sustainable menswear boutique in East London

Founded in 2012 by Phil Scott and A A Lindsay in response to the demand for sustainably produced designer menswear, Cock & Bull have to date been selling their own designs online. Their collection is made entirely in the UK (they take pride in the fact they know many of their makers by name) using organic cotton, organic British wool, hemp and recycled yarns. On their website they have a helpful list of where each of the garments they design are made, and where their component parts are sourced. The new store will house their own collection as well as a carefully selected range of clothing and accessories from like-minded brands including Elvis & Kresse, Minga Berlin, Reborn London, Proof Eyewear, Komodo and Pachacuti.

Hand-dyed Indigo Merino Wool Beanie, £32, and Merino Wool Scarf, £41, by Cock & Bull. Both are hand-knitted in Chalk Farm (by Lillie)

Co-founder Phil Scott explains what inspired him to launch the brand:
”As a consumer, I was frustrated by the poor design of sustainable menswear. Many boutiques are primarily for women, with menswear 'tagged on' as an afterthought. But there are plenty of men who want to stand up and be counted. There are many of us amongst the growing movement of people who don't want to exploit others or pollute ecosystems for what we wear. So Cock & Bull & Co was developed as a place to offer men options, to bring together design-led pieces produced with both ethics AND aesthetics in mind. We’re really proud and excited to officially open our doors and invite mindful people in.”

'8 Piece Rambler Tweed Flat Cap' (handmade in Yorkshire), £59 and Classic Tweed Waistcoat, made to order, by Cock & Bull. Both are handwoven Scottish tweed and lined with organic hemp and silk.

It’s true to say the term ‘sustainable’ is banded about a rather a lot by brands, often with no explanation given as to what they actually mean. It’s encouraging that Cock & Bull & Co are clear about their definition of sustainable fashion: “clothing and accessories that maximise the positive impact on the people involved in making them, and minimise negative environmental impact. It's style that doesn't cost the earth.”

Sage Slim T-shirt, £35 and 'Short Johns' Boxer Briefs, £22 by Cock & Bull. Both are organic cotton and in limited edition 'Humming Gramaphone' design.

They also “take a vegan stance”, and whilst their wool and silk garments may not be suitable for strict vegans (I have vegan friends who avoid wearing any animal fibre or product), “no animals are harmed in the making of the accessories [they] sell”.

As Phil alludes to above, Cock & Bull & Co’s mission, though led by a commitment to produce sustainable clothing for men, is also fuelled by a desire to make those men look good: sustainable style is their "guiding philosophy". The collections sold by Cock & Bull & Co don't pay homage to passing trends, but are made and designed to last and be treasured for years to come.

Until September 15th, customers can enjoy a 20% discount on the Cock & Bull Brand in store:

Cock & Bull & Co
30 Cheshire Street
(off Brick Lane)
London, E2 6EH

Cock & Bull's collections are also available from their website

Cock & Bull & Co in East London

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