Mend of the Month: #SecondhandFirst Week

Whilst I may not be able to wear much of my wardrobe due to my ever-expanding bump, it's good to take advantage of the nesting instinct and to get mending. This week in particular is an excellent time to be focusing on repairs as the fashion reuse charity TRAID has declared 17th-23rd November Week.

From today until Sunday TRAID and its fashion-forward supporters will be celebrating all things second-hand by asking people to make the pledge, attend one of their events, wear only second-hand or even organise their own clothes swaps and mending workshops. More details below about how to get involved and support TRAID’s campaign.

In the spirit of celebrating second-hand style, I dedicate our November ‘Mend of the Month’ to Week...

Vintage jacket repair for Mend of the Month blog and TRAID's Secondhandfirst Week

Earlier this year I snapped up a gorgeous 1960s jacket from Oxfam online. It fits like a dream (well, it did pre-baby bump), goes with anything and to top it off, has a charming vintage label – they just don’t make ‘em like they used to! The jacket was in excellent condition when it arrived and after a fair bit of wear from me still looked good as new. But, the lining in one of the sleeves and the armhole came undone – made worse when I put my arm through it before identifying the problem (below left).

Vintage jacket repair for Traid's SecondhandFirst Week    Vintage jacket repair for Traid's SecondhandFirst Week

It’s very common for the lining jackets and coats to come undone or to rip, and as always the old motto ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is one to live by (had I spotted the offending damage before shoving my arm through it, I would have saved myself a fair bit of mending time.) That said, it was quite a simple job as the lining hadn’t ripped. I pinned the lining fabric (above right) ensuring I stayed clear of any frayed edges and carefully stitched it by hand. Good as new...but then, who wants new when they can have !

Vintage jacket repair for Traid's SecondhandFirst Week

Ten ways you can get involved and support :

1) Wear second-hand clothes throughout the week (and beyond) and make sure you tell people about
2) Take photos of your second-hand outfits and tweet them using to inspire others
3) Donate clothes to TRAID (or other local charity shop)
4) Rather than buying new, buy your clothes second-hand 
5) Care for and appreciate what you have by mending your clothes
6) Swap and share your clothes
7) Sign up to TRAID’s newsletter to receive a daily special edition newsletter with thoughts, actions, facts and inspiration throughout the week.
8) Attend an event:
9) Organise your own event this week or in the future. 
10) Take the pledge online here to commit to sourcing a percentage of your wardrobe second-hand:

For more ideas and tips on how to get involved, visit TRAID’s blog:

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