Fashion Revolution Fanzine: Loved Clothes Last

I can't quite believe it but The Good Wardrobe turned five years old at the end of last month (where has the time gone?!). 'Love your clothes for longer’ has been one of our slogans from the start and long before I launched the website I’ve been celebrating and advocating for ways to make clothes look good for as long as possible. Even when I was a bit of a fast fashion addict in my teens and early 20s I still made an effort to repair my clothes.

It makes me sad to see a garment in a charity shop that’s been discarded because it’s missing a button, has a moth hole or has a loose hem and I love to help to empower people to fix their own clothes. So I was very happy to be invited to contribute a ‘how to sew on a button’ tutorial to Fashion Revolution’s second fanzine Loved Clothes Last. The zine ‘explores the issue of waste and mass-consumption in the fashion industry, and hopes to inspire you to buy less, care more, and know how to make the clothes you love last for longer.’ 

Fashion Revolution Fanzine Loved Clothes Last how to sew on a button tutorial

Fashion Revolution also spotted the wonderful print Laura Yates made for the crowdfund earlier this year and asked if they could feature it in the zine too.

Clothes Worth Wearing are worth repairing, print by Laura Yates for The Good Wardrobe

There is a wealth of wardrobe wisdom in Loved Clothes Last zine - to order your copy for £15 + (p&p) visit the website: You can also read the zine online.

Fashion Revolution Loved Clothes Last fanzine featuring Zoe Robinson's 'How to sew on a button' tutorial illustrated by Nina Chakrabarti.

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