Fashion Revolution Day 2015: Get Involved!

Fashion Revolution Day (FRD) is almost upon us! Tomorrow on 24th April 2015 you can join thousands of people in 100s of towns and cities across the globe in sending a message to fashion brands worldwide telling them you care about the people who make your clothes.

We’ve featured FRD dozens of times on these pages so if you’d like to know more about the day’s origins or what happened last year on the very first Fashion Revolution Day then you’ve come to the right place.

This year I’ll be taking a less active role as I have a four month old son to hang out with, but that doesn’t mean I am any less determined to get the message across. I want my son to grow up in a world where garments are made with consideration for people and planet not just profit. I firmly believe that fashion can and should be designed and manufactured with respect for resources, producers, the environment and the communities in which it is made.

Given my son’s age and the rate at which he’s growing out of his sleep suits, it makes financial and ethical sense for me to buy the majority of his clothes second hand.  However, I hope that as he grows up and starts to shop for his own wardrobe, he can do so safe in the knowledge that his clothes have been produced ethically. (Incidentally, at only 20 weeks he is already showing a keen interest in fashion. By that I mean he rather enjoys watching me hang up the laundry and is thoroughly entertained when I shove a pair of pants on my head in a desperate attempt to amuse him, thereby gaining a few more moments of quiet before the storm!)

Just because my pint-sized companion is not quite ready to spend the day out and about at the FRD events that London town has to offer, that doesn’t mean we can’t get involved. Assuming he’ll allow it (i.e he naps for long enough) I’ll be supporting on social media.

Want to get involved too? On Friday 24th wear your clothes inside out, then take a photo, and tweet: I’m wearing my (item of clothing) inside-out because I want @ (brand) to tell me

Fashion Revolution Day 24th April 2015, in support of Rana Plaza

For those of you who can get out to champion FRD in person, there are 100s of events going on worldwide: find out what’s happening near you. Here are some of my top picks for ethical shopping experiences taking place in support of the day in London between now and Saturday:

Thursday April 23rd

Late Night for Rana: TRAID Shepherd’s Bush
Thursday April 23rd, 6.30pm - 9pm (FREE)

  • Join TRAID at their Shepherd’s Bush charity store for a late night opening, to mark the two-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse.
  • ALL SALES MADE on the night will be donated directly to victims of the factory collapse. Shop ethically for the best in hand-picked second-hand clothes, vintage and shoes, in the knowledge that every purchase made will be committed to an essential cause.
  • The night will include TRAID’s charity shop DJ, free ethical styling sessions which can be booked by emailing [email protected], and find out how to take action to improve conditions in the fashion industry and lobby brands.

Full details can be found on TRAID's event page on Facebook.


Friday April 24th

Foundation Agency: ‘Who Makes Our Clothes?’
Friday 24th April, 12pm - 8pm (FREE)

  • Chat to garment producers in India and Nepal from Komodo and Sense Organics on a live Skype chat at 12pm and 1pm.
  • Pop-up Photo-booth
  • A sample sale with lots of great pieces from sustainable fashion from Komodo, vegan must-have bags from Matt & Nat, fair trade jewellery from A Beautiful Story, directional ethical fashion from Beaumont Organics and handcrafted boots and accessories from Kiboots.
  • Meet fine jeweller Anna Loucah who hand-crafts beautiful jewellery using fair trade gold.
  • Meet the team from bespoke design house Atelier Tammam who can discuss making you a bespoke dress in their London studio.
  • Cocktails and music.
  • Sponsored by Scheckters Organic Energy Drink, Chegworth Valley Juice, Karma Cola and Liberation nuts.

Full details can be found on Foundation Agency’s event page on Facebook.

Designer Jumble Sale for Fashion Revolution
Friday 24th April, 12pm - 7pm (FREE)

Find out how you can be fashionable without hurting anyone. Designer Jumble are back at the Church of the Annunciation, Marble Arch, on 24 April with their next charity event, featuring:

  • A star appearance from super blogger SUSIE BUBBLE
  • Rails of second hand designer bargains to buy
  • Get an ethical makeover in their Style Booth, hosted by Alice Wilby of Novel Beings
  • Rentable designer style, hosted by Rentez-Vous
  • Ethical beauty advice from Khandiz of Novel Beings
  • The chance to win designer treasures

Full details can be found on Designer Jumble's event page on Facebook.

Sew Solidarity Live with TRAID
Friday 24th April, 2.30pm - 5pm (FREE)

  • Join TRAID Peckham to mark the two year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, and sew in solidarity with garment workers. Bring along a garment from home that you would like to repair, alter or completely transform with a Made In Bangladesh label attached. If it’s not Made In Bangladesh but made by a retailer or brand that produces in Bangladesh this qualifies.
  • The workshop is free, just go along with your item for repair or customisation and join them to  for Fashion Revolution Day.
  • If you can’t attend the event, you can still  – find out how here:

Full details can be found on TRAID's website

Saturday April 25th

 event at Here Today Here Tomorrow
Saturday 25th April, 12pm-5pm (FREE)

'Get talking and making' with HTHT at their studio shop in East London. This Saturday, they invite you to see how your clothes are made. The team will be on hand to demonstrate machine knitting, garment sewing and natural dyeing. All the workshops are free and you can drop in anytime. HTHT 'want to inspire [their] customers to be curious about where their clothes come from, who made them and to learn new skills'.

Full details can be found on HTHT’s website.

Fashion Revolution Day photoshoot credits:

Photographer: Rachel Manns | | twitter: | instagram:
Stylist: Alice Wilby @ Novel Beings | | | twitter: & | instagram:
Hair and Make Up: Khandiz Joni @ Novel Beings | | | twitter: & | instagram:
Nails: Moneet Heyer @ Novel Beings |
Model: Rina Sawayama at An.-Agency | | twitter: | instagram:
Model: Alex David at AMCK Models | .st.php?a=271/Alex-David_" title=""> | instagram:

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