Crowdfunding the Hydro Jacket

The NR2 Hydro Jacket is a waterproof and windproof jacket made from 100% organic cotton. It is produced by high end manufacturers in Italy, made without the toxins which are found in many rain jackets, and should, we are told, last 20 years.

The waterproof and windproof qualities come courtesy of a special weaving technique and high density fabric says founder Luca Sburlati in his crowdfunding campaign:

“The GOTS certified organic cotton we use consists of high staple fibres tightly woven then twisted more than the norm, and beaten 3 times to make it dense and tight. When the fabric comes in contact with water, it expands and stiffens, repelling water and other liquids; the fibres return to their original softness once dry. For this fabric we use 30% more yarn compared to traditional fabric. That's what's makes the jacket highly wind proof as well.”

The waterproof and windproof NR2 Hydro Jacket made in Italy from organic cotton

According to Luca and his team this particular kind of performance cotton was utilised during World War 2 when it was used in the production of protective clothing for pilots who were at risk of falling from their planes into the sea. Wearing a jacket made from this highly spun and tightly woven fibre reportedly saved the lives of many men. However, once cheaper synthetic fibres found favour in the post war years, this high-quality cotton cloth was deemed too expensive.

Today, as we increasingly look for garments that are made for longevity (a 2010 Mintel report states that 82% of Brits claim they want to make clothes last), the NR2 represents excellent value for money, as Luca explains:  “This is the Jacket that should easily last you 20 years and could be proudly passed to your children.”

NR2 Hydro Jacket, waterproof and windproof, made in Italy using organic cotton

Suited to urban living, the 'modern Italian fit' unisex jacket is is the result of careful research into luxury performance wear. Detailing (as seen above) is designed to make the jacket hard-wearing, and to optimise comfort, practicality and fit.

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter until Sunday 12th Jan, you can support Luca and own your own Hydro Jacket for the wholesale price: £149 (normal retail price is £299). Estimated delivery is Jun 2014 - just in time for summer showers!


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