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My Work, Rest & Play Style Dilemma

Apparently it is not the done thing to do the school run in your pyjamas, or so my mother-in-law tells me. But my son’s nursery is so close that, if we’ve all had a bad night’s sleep, it’s sometimes really tempting to keep my pjs on for drop off. I haven't resorted to this yet, in part because I work from home.

Wardrobe Wisdom: Sven Segal's Shoe Care Secrets

Beautiful shoes are not renowned for their comfort but Po-Zu’s Spring Summer 2016 collection blends style, comfort and ethics with ease. ‘Po-Zu’, which comes from the Japanese word for ‘pause’, was founded in 2006 by footwear designer Sven Segal. His mission is ‘to provide your feet with unique respite from the frantic pace of busy lives, and to halt the damage that modern footwear manufacturing often causes to people and planet’. 

Fabulous Frames from Warby Parker

The mainstream fashion media consumes itself with the latest ‘must-haves’. A great many column inches are taken up with what is deemed to be the essential purchase of the day. If we believed the hype, our social lives, sex lives and even our lifelong happiness depend upon whether or not we buy ‘it’, or buy in to it.

Coleccion Luna: Weaving Mayan Magic

‘Mayan weavings have so many symbols, spells, sayings, starts and speculations wrapped in their cloth’. Miguel Ángel Asturias

I am slowly getting back to work after a much longer maternity leave than anticipated. Being a Mum for the past year has been wonderfully all-consuming and whilst I have tried to keep an eye on things at The Good Wardrobe, time (or lack of it) has not allowed me to stay as connected as I had hoped.

Fashion Revolution Day 2015: Get Involved!

Fashion Revolution Day (FRD) is almost upon us! Tomorrow on 24th April 2015 you can join thousands of people in 100s of towns and cities across the globe in sending a message to fashion brands worldwide telling them you care about the people who make your clothes.

Handmade Jewellery: Mini Gift Guide

The high street is currently full to bursting with jewellery and festive fast fashion, with every store vying for your attention, hard-earned cash and a place on that all important gift list. Christmas bling is all very well, if that’s your thing, but sometimes when you are after a little more subtlety, versatility and higher ethical credentials, you may have to search just a bit harder to find what you are looking for.

Dappercap: Crowdfunding Cycle Chic

Earlier this year we highlighted a selection of urban accessories for the sartorial cyclist, focusing on ten brands that combine style and safety with a sustainable ethos. We’ve recently discovered Dappercap, an exciting new company launching an innovative product that epitomises cycling chic

Percival & Olivia Hegarty for Traidremade

Traidremade, the label founded by fashion reuse charity TRAID, has collaborated with Soho-based menswear store Percival and designer Olivia Hegarty to launch two exciting limited edition collections.

Shawl Wallah: Crowdfunding Pashminas for People & Planet

Working as a UN Refugee Consultant may not seem like a natural career path to becoming a fashion entrepreneur, but it was for Greg Doudican, founder of Shawl Wallah. During a trip to Kashmir in Northern India, Doudican saw first-hand the devastation that had been caused by decades of conflict and the resulting economic and social impact. His visit to the region also enabled him to learn about the centuries-old Kashmiri textile industry:

LFW SS15: The Conscious Collections

One of the things that I love about chatting to designers who have a well-honed fashion conscience is that they always have a great story to tell about their collections. Be it a tale of sourcing cloth to upcycle into urban outerwear or an anecdote about the inspiration behind a whimsical crocheted collection, a designer with a social, ethical or sustainable mission will inevitably tell a good yarn.

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