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    True Luxury = Honest by Heaven Tanudiredja

    2013-05-30 15:01

    For the first in our True Luxury = series we introduce a collection who's unique design and commitment to ethical sourcing really sets it apart.

    I own a very small amount of jewellery – an accumulation of pieces I’ve made myself, picked up from... More

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    We're celebrating!

    2013-05-26 15:39

    We have been doing quite a lot of celebrating over the last two weeks. Wednesday this week marked the six month anniversary of our launch, and on Thursday we went to collect our first award!

    The Future 50 Awards recognise the "achievements... More

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    Do you know the true cost of your clothes?

    2013-05-16 14:13

    Riding home on the tube yesterday, I saw two women clinging to their oversized paper bags, stamped with the Primark logo, bulging with that day’s haul. Since moving to London, I have reluctantly got very used to this sight. But I wasn’t expecting to see it this week. I had idealistically (or... More

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    Too cool for school

    2013-05-14 17:49

    My six year-old god-daughter and her twin sister are, if I am honest, far cooler than I. Their mum is a stylish vintage-loving Swede who has lived in New York, Paris and London, and whilst their father favours a casual shabby chic, his days working as a set-dresser in Hollywood means he knows... More

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    See you in May!

    2013-04-10 18:48

    Launching a new website at the same time as planning my wedding has at times been a challenge. I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I would like to either as over the past couple of months, but on the whole I have stayed fairly calm. It does help that my search for dresses, suits... More

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    Fairtrade Fortnight celebrations

    2013-03-27 11:37

    Our recent Sew It Forward event at Divine Chocolate’s pop-up shop was, if we do say so ourselves, a huge success. The evening, a celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight and... More

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    The Observer Ethical Awards: how 'Well dressed' are you?

    2013-03-15 15:38

    Since 2005, The Observer Ethical Awards have celebrated individuals, campaigners and organisations who actively seek to make a positive contribution to the environment and to society. And... More

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    Estethica - the epitome of modern luxury

    2013-03-05 13:46

    Since arriving in London, I have been on a quest to hunt down the best sustainable fashion designers the UK has to offer. It has been a roller coaster, to say the least. A lot of ups - a few of downs - a few moments of utter disappointment, but, thanks to this season's Estethica, the... More

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    Divine hosts...Sew It Foward

    2013-02-26 09:31

    We are thrilled to be collaborating with Divine Chocolate to run a Sew It Forward event at their Covent Garden pop-up shop. It's going to be held on Thursday 7th March in celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight and Oxfam’s... More

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    A few of my favourite things - Estethica AW13

    2013-02-20 19:11

    Estethica is the platform at London Fashion Week dedicated to promoting the best 'cutting edge designers committed to working eco sustainably'. I visited early in the... More

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