• Stay true to your shelf

    Sew it: mending your trousers

    2013-09-06 12:41

    This month we've teamed up with Redress, a Hong Kong based NGO with an ethical fashion mission, to offer some top tips on repairing clothes. Redress founder Christina Dean is in month nine of her... More

  • Style file

    London's first ever 'samble' sale

    2013-08-30 15:52

    We may have mentioned on occasion that we like second-hand shopping – markets, charity shops or vintage sales, we love them all. We are also rather partial to a sustainable fashion sale, as it’s a good opportunity to invest in some well-designed ethically produced garments that are made to... More

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    Fashion for Peace

    2013-08-21 15:33

    The 21st September is Peace Day. One month from today millions of people across the globe will come together in their communities to the celebrate peace. Back in the late 1990s actor and filmmaker Jeremy Gilley had the vision to found and ‘... More

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    I used to be a duvet cover

    2013-08-16 13:44

    At The Good Wardrobe we aren’t really in to ‘what’s hot this week’ and you certainly won’t catch us writing anything that vaguely resembles ‘must-have of the month’. Fast-fashion just isn’t our bag. But, when we see something that ticks a great many of our long-life style boxes we are... More

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    Save the Bees in style

    2013-08-09 14:15

    For anyone who thinks fashion is vacuous and superficial, I challenge thee! If used wisely, fashion is an excellent tool for raising awareness of the big issues of the day. Some of us choose our uniform symbolically – the Suffragettes famously wore purple, white and green to denote... More

  • Style bile

    The Ethics of Airbrushing

    2013-08-01 15:25

    Flicking through the latest fashion magazines we are bombarded with images of a woman. She is most often tall, thin, has a flawless complexion, perfect proportions. But how realistic is this image? Does she look like you? Or anyone you know? I doubt it.

    Every element within this image... More

  • Stay true to your shelf

    What to do with old undies

    2013-07-22 14:15

    Most of us know what to do with our second-hand clothes. If they are in good condition we either give them to a friend, take them to a charity shop, or sell them on to a grateful new owner. If they are not in good condition we may take them to a recycling bank or, if we’re feeling creative,... More

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    True Luxury= The Tooley Tote

    2013-07-12 08:32

    I first met Kresse Wesling back in 2008 when I ‘won’ her as a mentor. We are around the same age but she had already won numerous awards for the social enterprises she had founded. I hadn’t even started my first business and was, to say the least, a little in awe. Kresse’s vision,... More

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    True Luxury= Arthur & Henry

    2013-07-05 12:14

    If you have ever searched for classic, well-designed, high-quality men’s shirts that are ethically produced, you’ll know they are hard to find.

    That is why the launch of Arthur & Henry last year brought sighs of relief and cries of “why... More

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    No longer on the outside

    2013-06-24 11:17

    I love people watching, and the week before last, waiting for Zoe outside Great Portland Street tube station, I was in prime position for some good old-fashioned voyeurism. The stream of people making their way up the stairs and into the building across the road looked as... More

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