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    BOARD By Hatastic

    2014-04-12 17:24

    The team behind Fashion Revolution Day believe that fashion can be a ‘force for good’, but this is not a view shared by society as a whole. Some people think fashion is very superficial, has no depth and is all about appearances (I know,... More

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    The Flintoff Interviews: Who Made Your Clothes with Tom Van Deijnen

    2014-04-05 12:05

    In the latest of our Fashion Revolution Day inspired ‘Who Made Your Clothes’ interviews, John-Paul Flintoff speaks to knitter, darner, maker and mender extraordinaire, Tom Van Deijnen, aka... More

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    'Feeling Good' Fashion

    2014-03-28 16:12

    Four years ago, yoga teachers Jesse Schiller and Rachel Evans travelled from their home in Vancouver, Canada to Asia where they spent a year exploring. What they discovered on that trip was a source of huge concern, explains Rachel: “Travelling overland through Asia we were struck by the... More

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    By Hand London: Printing Fabric On Demand

    2014-03-21 17:55

    Have you ever looked at a fabric and wondered what on earth the print designer was thinking when they mooted such a monstrosity? A beautifully cut garment can be ruined by an imperfect print. One solution to this common conundrum is to buy your own fabric and to sew your own clothes (or find... More

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    The Flintoff Interviews: Who Made Your Clothes with Fiona Crick

    2014-03-13 12:14

    The countdown to Fashion Revolution Day continues with the second in our series of John-Paul Flintoff interviews. Just in case you've missed our previous posts about this brilliant campaign, Fashion... More

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    Designed For Life

    2014-03-07 18:43

    “There is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place” Duncan Baker Brown.

    Resource, the UK’s first ever conference for the circular economy took place this week at London’s Excel Conference Centre. Sitting alongside its big sister... More

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    The Flintoff Interviews: Who Made Your Clothes with Wendy Gilley

    2014-02-28 17:33

    In just under two months, the first ever Fashion Revolution Day will take place. The 24th April 2013 saw the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1133 people were killed. The injured and the relatives of those who died continue to suffer, not least because many still await... More

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    Estethica: Emerging & Established Ethical Design

    2014-02-21 12:11

    Following my piece last week about the new phase for London Fashion Week’s ethical initiative Estethica, here’s the rundown of the emerging and established designers who have just shown their conscious... More

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    Style & Substance at London Fashion Week

    2014-02-14 18:23

    London Fashion Week kicked off today and for eight years Estethica, LFW's dedicated ethical showroom, has showcased the best conscious fashion. Designers are selected according to certain criteria – they must... More

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    The Sartorial Cyclist: Urban Accessories

    2014-02-07 12:51

    Cycling accessories need not be purely functional or designed only with sport in mind. There are now plenty of designers creating products and even whole collections that offer the functionality needed for urban riding, with the style required by the sartorially-minded cyclist. Plus, we want... More

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