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    Dappercap: Crowdfunding Cycle Chic

    2014-11-12 12:31

    Earlier this year we highlighted a selection of urban accessories for the sartorial cyclist, focusing on ten brands that combine style and safety with a sustainable ethos. We’ve recently discovered ... More

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    Your Clothes Deserve a Second Chance: Refashion Day, 26 Nov

    2014-10-30 15:00

    More and more people are becoming aware and concerned about the social and environmental consequences of ‘fast fashion’. Working conditions, pesticide use in cotton, and textiles ending up in landfill – they’re just some of the issues that give high street shoppers pangs of guilt when they... More

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    Percival & Olivia Hegarty for Traidremade

    2014-10-09 16:19

    Traidremade, the label founded by fashion reuse charity TRAID, has collaborated with Soho-based menswear store Percival and designer... More

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    Shawl Wallah: Crowdfunding Pashminas for People & Planet

    2014-09-24 16:02

    Working as a UN Refugee Consultant may not seem like a natural career path to becoming a fashion entrepreneur, but it was for Greg Doudican, founder of Shawl Wallah. During a trip to Kashmir in Northern India, Doudican saw first-hand the devastation that had been caused by decades of... More

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    LFW SS15: The Conscious Collections

    2014-09-17 18:39

    One of the things that I love about chatting to designers who have a well-honed fashion conscience is that they always have a great story to tell about their collections. Be it a tale of sourcing cloth to upcycle into urban outerwear or an anecdote about the inspiration behind a whimsical... More

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    London Fashion Week Meets Charity Shop Chic

    2014-09-10 17:51

    I was perturbed to see the words ‘YOU NEED NEW CLOTHES’ emblazoned across the front cover of this week’s of Time Out London. ‘No’, I thought, ‘I really don’t need new clothes, and please don’t encourage others to think that they do just to keep up with the latest passing trends’.

    Some... More

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    'Make' of the Month: The Tie Project

    2014-08-29 11:40

    Last month we launched ‘Make or Mend of the Month’, our brand new blog series which shares your projects with the aim of inspiring others. For our very first ‘Make’, we chose Anmarie Bowler’s ‘Tie Project’ - a... More

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    Ethics & Aesthetics from Gather&See

    2014-08-19 10:36

    At The Good Wardrobe we aim to tell you about the best brands, websites, products and services that are committed to a more conscious approach to fashion. These days there are many online retailers offering ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ fashion, but not all quite hit the mark when it comes to... More

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    'Make' or 'Mend' of the Month: The Launch

    2014-07-31 11:41

    This month we are launching the new blog series Make or Mend of the Month which aims to highlight some of the wonderful fashion making, mending and alteration projects that you, our readers, are working on. We hope it will serve as inspiration and perhaps guidance for others.

    ... More

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    Dalston Designers Fund Dhaka Fashion Collection

    2014-07-17 16:03

    There is something special about a collection that is conceived and created in rural Nepal, but designed and sold in urban Dalston. East London sustainable fashion shop studio Here Today Here Tomorrow (HTHT) has designed its... More

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